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How does it work?

Validity enables anyone to sign data and to associate their signature with their email address, social media, or website.

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With Validity :

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Validity relies on Blockchain technology


The signature is stored on the blockchain, and is therefore not centralized, for maximum security.


It is impossible for anyone to modify the signature once stored on the blockchain.


Each insertion of a signature is accompanied by a UTC timestamp, directly supported  by the blockchain.


Access to the signature can be done independently of the Validity service. It is thus very easy to carry out an audit.

They trust us

"Validity allows us to secure the certificates issued on our platform and offers our users a simple and quick way to showcase their skills to companies"

CEO, The Mooc Agency

"Finally a solution that relies on the famous blockchain to prove the non-falsification of documents! Simple, friendly and efficient, technology makes us feel good!"

CEO, WealCome

"Securing our digital productions (photos and videos) with the blockchain protects us and gives us additional objective evidence in the event of litigation; today, it's essential in our profession; a welcome legal security."

CEO, Defocus Films

Validity, A solution Powered by HashnStore SAS
Developed on Factom

Validity is a solution developed by HashnStore SAS based on the Factom blockchain protocol.

Our Team

Matthias Fortin - CEO, HashnStore

Matthias became interested in Blockchain technology in 2017. With Frédéric, he founded HashnStore, one of the 28 operators of the Factom protocol. He is responsible for the software architecture and legal issues.

Frederic Faye - CTO, HashnStore

Frédéric discovered Blokchain technology with Ethereum in 2015. Quickly convinced of the technical limits of this protocol, he then became interested in Factom from 2016. Co-founder of HashnStore, he is the Tech Lead.

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